Welcome from The PGM Ian Yeldham to all Almoners

At the heart of Masonry lies our commitment to caring for our fellow creatures and Brethren. The Lodge Almoner has the task of leading on all aspects of Pastoral Care within his Lodge and demonstrating to the world the distinguishing characteristics of a Freemason’s heart.

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Welcome from The PGA Jamie Gwatkin

Welcome to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Suffolk Almoner’s Section. I hope that this will provide you with any information or guidance needed to support your role as Lodge Almoner. I am immensely privileged to head up a dedicated Provincial Group Almoner team which should provide support to all Almoners throughout the Province. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has taught us that pastoral care is at the centre of our organisation and I am humbled by the support and enthusiasm that I have been given by many Lodge Almoners throughout Suffolk when dealing with cases during this time.

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Suffolk Provincial Almoner Service The Service

A core document was prepared in October 2020 which outlined the delivery of the Provincial Almoner Service. Within this document the following objectives were set out:

  • Helping Lodge Almoners deliver their “pastoral care” which in the Almoner Handbook is defined as “maintaining support and contact with brethren and their immediate family”. To increase the take up of support services and promote the MCF objective to be a “force for good in building better lives”.
  • Manage the Lodge Almoners effectiveness within their regional groups and to increase the respect and recognition of the office of Group and Lodge Almoner.
  • Provide financial assistance when the MCF and state aid cannot help.
  • Increase knowledge and provide training.
  • Tackle the issues experienced during the Covid pandemic, especially redundancy, bereavement, and mental fragility resulting from isolation.
  • Promote RMBI Cornwallis Court to the province of Suffolk and beyond.
  • Extend the interaction with widows.
  • Build a strong relationship with London and Region 7.

The Team

Provincial Grand Almoner

Jamie Gwatkin
Phone: 01284 386111
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Deputy Provincial Grand Almoner

Terry Lewis
Phone: 07830 111680
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Lodge Almoner Support & Guidance, Very Good Friend

The Almoner Feedback Questionnaire distributed in July 2020, highlighted that some Almoners would like guidance in understanding their duties, and support when undertaking various aspects of their role. The subjects covered by Almoners can be wide & varied and require a basic level of understanding.

This section is designed to bridge this gap by providing useful reading, reference material, training aids, and website links.

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Suffolk Provincial Benevolent Fund

The Suffolk Provincial Benevolent Fund was established in December 2020. Its aim is to provide financial assistance to Freemasons, their spouses/partners, and their dependants in times of emergency.

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My name is Jonathan Neill, and I am part of the Almoner team acting as group 6 representative and the lead on Bereavement providing assistance for the Almoners and Brethren in province of Suffolk. My role is to firstly support the lodge Almoners and if needed the Brethren with any advice, guidance or signposting regarding Bereavement. Enabling them to obtain the help they may need when dealing or when helping to support others with Bereavement issues. My contact details are below and please if you need any help or support, I can be contacted directly at any time.

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Mental Wellbeing

Just as we all have physical health which we help maintain through our 5-a-day, we all have mental health. Mental health, like physical, is susceptible to change. To maintain good mental wellbeing, we have physical and emotional needs, which if not met will lead to stress and perhaps depression and associated problems.

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Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF)


The Masonic Charitable Foundation builds better lives by enabling opportunity, advancing healthcare, education, and promoting independence for Freemasons, their families, and the wider community.

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